Meet Shannon

Raised in Ft Worth, TX, Shannon graduated from Texas A & M in 1997.  She worked as a teacher and a stay-at-home mom before opening her photography studio in 2011.  Shannon Morton has served the Bryan/College Station area for 7+ years and has received professional in-person training in newborn photography from many of the industry leaders.

She has also mentored other newborn photographers and taught at national newborn photography conferences.  She has been featured on the cover of magazines and as a spotlight photographer on various nationally-known blogs.

Her 7+ years of photography and business knowledge have made her a sought-after photographer and presenter.

Shannon LOVES newborn babies and families.  She is passionate about providing a photography experience that is second-to-none.  She is fully insured and a member of various professional organizations.

Clients have found her easy to work with, quick to deliver images and products, and worth every penny.

You can reach her directly via email –

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Probably the question I'm asked the most is how I got started in photography.  It's a fair question for sure since I didn't start out to become a professional photographer.  Instead, I started as a wife and mom who loved seeing beauty in the world and wanted time to stand still.  I am *that* girl who has boxes of pictures, scrapbooks, and frames all over my house.  I love pictures and even more so I love the faces in them. 

In 2007, I was pregnant with my second child.  At the time I had a very basic digital camera.  You know, the large silver box kind that took the picture after you'd been holding down the button for three seconds.  Well, lots can happen in those first two seconds, so I realized I needed a better camera because I was about to have TWO babies who weren't gonna wait the full three seconds for me to click the button.

I saved my birthday and Christmas money, and in early 2008, I purchased my first "big girl camera,"  a Canon rebel.  It was a digital SLR and had lots of bells and whistles, a huge step up from my silver box.

Intimidated by its amazingness, I used it on full auto that whole year.  In early 2009 while I was reading and learning about my camera, I came across this line, "If you're using your SLR on auto, you're treating a Porche like a Volkswagon Bug."  Hey there, conviction!!

So I decided it was time to really learn how to use my camera.  For Mother's Day, my husband got me my first camera workshop and the rest is history.  As soon as I started getting the results I had only dreamed about, I was hooked.  I kept taking classes about my camera, pursued extensive training in newborn and family photography, and developed a real love for capturing memories for others. 

So here we are today, seven+ years later, and I LOVE my job.  I love creating beautiful art of the most important people in your life. It is honestly extremely humbling because I know these are the memories you'll have for generations.  So I don't take my job or responsibility lightly.  Pictures are important because people are important.  Let's create something beautiful for your family.  I invite you to contact me today.